Yidu Cloud Research Collaboration Platform

With the goal of “easy access to multiple centers” and based on abundant hospital collaboration networks supported by Yidu Cloud's medical Data Process & Application Platform (“DPAP“), Yidu Cloud Research Collaboration Platform provides intelligent, full-process services for online medical research for medical researchers, which is professional, efficient, convenient and secure . With this platform, each user will be able to establish a medical research network jointly with experts from different disease areas in China, create a research program quickly or join in research programs of other's and share models of disease study and cohorts, thus improving efficiency of patient grouping and facilitating study progress.

  • Accumulate medical knowledge
    Jointly build standard data sets

    Through collaboration with top medical institutions and experts nationwide, Yidu Cloud has developed data models of disease research for more than 30 types of diseases.

  • Full-process research management
    to facilitate self-service researches

    The platform features medical research of single-center/multi-centers, complete online business process, efficient progress management and multi-role flexible access, thus facilitating research efficacy.

  • Work with top medical institutions nationwide build a data
    sharing platform

    The platform attracts more than a hundred top medical institutions and comprehensively integrates leading-edge medical experience and knowledge with cohort sharing and mega real-world studies developing.

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