Yidu Cloud offers healthcare solutions built on big data and artificial intelligence technologies. Yidu Cloud serves and partners with key healthcare industry participants, including hospitals, pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies, research institutions, insurance companies, doctors and patients, as well as regulators and policy makers. In 2014, Yidu Cloud started its journey to transform the healthcare industry so that healthcare services and transactions can be value-based, precise and personalized for each patient and accessible to everyone.

Based on its independently developed Data Process & Application Platform, Yidu Cloud integrates and processes mass multi-source heterogeneous healthcare data to build real world disease models through AI-driven process and analytics to enable effective policy-making and precise healthcare regulations, efficient clinical research and effective hospital management, improved life sciences R&D and commercialization effectiveness, and intelligent personal health management, with its mission to “make value-based precision healthcare accessible to everyone” to achieve a better healthcare ecosystem.

Gong Rujing, Founder , Chairlady and CEO of Yidu Cloud